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Emilie and I at Bossed Up Bootcamp, December 2014

Emilie and I at Bossed Up Bootcamp, December 2014

For several years it has been my honor to work with Emilie Aries and her organization, Bossed Up, which aims to empower women to achieve sustainable success and fulfillment professionally and personally. I have been lucky enough to be the featured Love and Relationships trainer at Bossed Up bootcamp since the very beginning and can attest to the value of this weekend workshop and the rewards it continues to bring to those involved after bootcamp and beyond.

Emilie has now launched Bossed Up For Life which is an incredible opportunity because it is an online, interactive, downloadable program that you can use on any device. You can even do the course on your commute on a smartphone.

Here’s what you will get in this 4 week course:

What You’ll Learn:
When and Why Burn Out Strikes and How to Prevent It
How To Design Your Life on What Matters Most To You
The Key SKills You Need to Feel in Charge of Your Trajectory
How to Stay Calm in the Face of Setbacks and Get What You Need

With video-based lessons, interactive practice exercises, and downloadable cheat sheets, you can take part in Bossed Up for Life anywhere, any time, and on any device that works for you.

Here are the 4 modules that will be part of this course:
Week 1: Beat Burnout Like a Boss
Week 2: Focus Your Ambition
Week 3: Tap Into Your Power
Week 4: Cultivate Resilience

ADDITIONALLY, you will get: 2 live accountability calls with Emilie, join the private online community of bosses, e-mail based coaching to keep you going, research and further readings guide and 90 days of concentrated check ins.

This is a one time payment of $274 OR 3 monthly installments of $94 each. If you’re not fully satisfied with the program and you’re halfway through the program and not feeling it, you can get a full and immediate refund-no questions asked.

You can sign up by accessing my personal referral link HERE.

Please free to ask me any questions or let me know how I can be of help!**



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